After about 15-20Hrs on the glider, I have done no further tuning of the glider, the tip twist really changed the way the glider initiates a turn, maybee one could twist down one step further.

Sprogs is left in the original state, there is no excessive bar pressure at all (100% VB, full speed).

On the negative side, with VB 0% there is unusal high bar pressure at speed compared to other glider design that I have had, but really a non issue, land the glider with VB 25% to reduce bar pressure, and get a crisper stall, and the handling is still really good.

The glider bag is crap, after 6months it is showing significant wear.


First flight on the glider, flew nice, trimmed ok and no inherit turn in the glider ! Stiffer than the Sport 2. Did fly the glider on VB 0%-approx 50%, more airtime needed to evaluate sprog settings.

  • Think I will try to reduce washout by lowering the glassfibre tips one step down on each side, should reduce the force needed to iniate a turn a little bit, might have impact on trim speed… (Did this to my Sport 2 also).

Left leading edge, factory position, and twisted down 1 step.

Left leading edgeLeft leading  edge

Right leading edge, factory position, and twisted down 1 step.

Right leading edgeRight leading edge