Aircotec XC Trainer Manual


Pod, 2010

A bit more worked pod. Started out with a pice of styrofoam, shaped the pice into the shape I wanted at the bottom of the pod. Then I laid down glassfibre with epoxy to create a shell in that shape. Removed the styrofoam with whitespirit. Packaded the instruments into plasticbags, and placed em on a pice of plastic, upside down, molded the bay’s for the instruments with glassfibre and epoxy. Glued the glassfibre pice with the bays, to the bottom pice, and then in turns laid glassfibre and epoxy, and sanded until the pod was good enough.

Anemometer, Rixö 2009

Wood cup assembly, bicycle computer for reading wind speed. Somebody stole the bicycle computer later in the summer. The wood cups where cut out and glued into a center piece, a ballbearing pressed into the center piece and connected to the pole assembly with an shaft. The bicycle sensor glued to the pole assembly and the magnet to one of the cups.


Variometer, 2008

Simple to build and nice MCU to code, but as usual never got around to get it ready for flying. Based upon embedded artists LPC2106 and a scp1000 pressure sensor, and a Nokia LCD as display.